Rigid Search Endoscope Kit

Rigid Search Endoscope Kit 

The competitively priced Rigid Endoscope Search Kit has been developed for use by specialist Police, Customs and military operators for a wide range of applications, including narcotics and contraband detection, IEDD and EOD.
The Rigid Endoscope's very high quality optics tube is made of extremely rugged stainless steel. It has a diameter of 12mm and a working length of 300mm, with a 90° lateral direction of view and a 30° field of view.

The focus is fully adjustable from 10mm to infinity, and the integral high power fibre optic lighting provides bright and safe 'cold light' illumination, so there is no hot lamp at the end of the Endoscope's tip.
The 50 watt quartz halogen lightsource couples directly to the endoscope body, and is powered by a belt mounted battery pack.

Kit consists of:
Knowall Rigid Endoscope:
Rigid Endoscope 12mm diameter by 300mm long stainless steel insertion tube. 90° direction of view with a 30° field of view.
LH50 Light Handle:
50 Watt quartz halogen, fan cooled light handle with SCMI female connection and 1 metre lead to battery pack.
LH50BP Battery Pack:
2.5 Amp/Hour waist mounted battery pack, provides 30 minutes continuous run time. Push button battery condition indicator. Charges in approximately 13 hours using LH50BPC.
240 volt mains input, 12 volt 330m A DC output charger with LED indicators to show when charger is on and when battery is fully charged.
Carrying Case
Optional Accessories:
ZRA3 Right Angle Viewer: Add on viewer eyepiece to give right angle positioning for user's eye.
CH-CT-CH Lens Adaptor: Lens adaptor for fitment to front of standard camera lens.
32-END35 Camera Adaptor: Dedicated focusing lens adaptor to magnify image directly from Endoscope to the camera film plane.

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